It’s Up and Running!

Lady EarendelWe are pleased that, after a few failed attempts, the Navigating Life webpage is finally up and running.

I feel like we got in a car and managed to turn it on and put it in gear -now we have to learn how to drive the thing!

Wish us luck.

Getting ready for a winter of hard labour



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4 Responses to It’s Up and Running!

  1. Brooke says:

    I’m bookmarking!

  2. Trevor says:

    That is one sweet looking boat. I am starting to think cruising boats aren’t all that bad.

  3. Barbara aka Mom says:

    Got it bookmarked!!! I’m excited.

  4. Selina Conn says:

    Wishing you both smooth sailing, despite teh few waves that are thrown in along the way! It will no doubt be an awesome adventure….
    Keep in touch. Enjoy your travels

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